In the Beginning — The Making of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

First of all I want to say that I am grateful for all the bread crumbs on the path of life, the messages and guidances, the protection, and the blessings that my guides, angels, goddesses and helpers have given freely, devotedly and generously along the journey. This work named the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a culmination of art and writing born of gratitude that I get to share. It is full of blessings and a doorway to access each and every Being of Light, just for you! If you have gravitated here now, you are being called, guided and blessed. 

The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle has come about over many of years, after many mystical events, where eventually I came to know I was being guided and watched over by Archangel Michael, Divine Mother Mary, Babaji, and Ganesha... just to name a few of my helpers and guides. For many years now I have received help and direct guidance through my channeled art and painting process. As early as 1994 I was aware of Archangel Michael reaching out to me in my "first" visionary art painting Guardians, where he let me know I was constantly watched over and protected. Later in 2003 Mother Mary came to me over a period of three days, urging me to paint her. On the night of the third day, she woke me and sent me to the studio. There she transmitted her image along with the knowledge of her vast love that would radiate through the art as a beacon of healing for all. Babaji came to me in 2007 as an answer to an epic prayer to cease suffering that Thanksgiving. With much magic, he guided me to take a trip in April 2008, to his ashram based high in the Himalayas in India. There I realized Ganesha had been with me since I was a little girl. Each of these guides have watched over my work as artist and teacher, to bring healing and illumination. They've helped me heal personally, as well as have assisted me on the path of service to others through my gifts and talents, as well as the wisdom that has come from life's trials and tribulations. 

I discussed the idea of an ascended masters deck with my dear friend Sage Holloway, who is the author and co-collaborator of the Mythical Goddess Tarot. I am however the author of this deck, as Sage left her body and this world in November 2015 as a result of cancer finalizing her life on this planet. After her terminal diagnosis, we spoke extensively about how she would still come to me and assist in this particular guidance, as well as other guidance in my life where pertinent. And she did agree. And she has been faithful to visiting me in my dreams, in readings, healings and various other life situations. And she is here now, assisting me in moving forward in the creation of this deck, with surety that it is indeed time to bring this imagery and wisdom to light and share with others.

Through the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle I give tribute to all the Ascended Masters, Angels, Goddesses and Divine Beings of Light who are constantly, devotedly assisting each of us, and the entirety of humanity in our evolutionary process of waking up to our own Divinity. I thank them for their light they shine upon our hearts, that we might awake to the magic, beauty and wisdom that lives within each of us. 

I dedicate the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle to them, and to you, that you may indeed feel, sense, hear, see and know the incredible light that lives within your very being. May this creation bless you, through making you aware of the bread crumbs that are constantly dropped upon your path, and through the power of the frequency of love and light that shines upon you through this art and these words.

Many Blessings, 

Katherine Skaggs
Artist and Author
Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle