Creation of the Mayan Jaguar Shaman

Mayan Jaguar Shaman

Mayan Jaguar Shaman

The painting process and creation of Jaguar Shaman brings to focus the power of an Awakened Mind. Jaguar is its totem energy to assist you in accessing the source archetypal frequency offered through awakening your inner shaman and the power of light to shape shift any circumstance.

The Jaguar Shaman is one who flows into the multidimensionality of consciousness, able to use the light frequencies of intention to create and shape shift reality. This being is one who moves into non-ordinary reality, outside of time and space, able to manifest into the earthly realm with clarity and focus. 

Shaman's are master seers who see beyond the physical world into the Spirit realm, understanding the origins of what is expressing in the physical. They understand intention, and know when you are aligned with your highest expression, and when things have become tangled or distorted. They are willing to let go of illusion and attachment to what is out of alignment, so they may connect to the vastness of all that is and its potentiation. 

As painter, this artwork invited me into great focus myself... cleaning away any distortion, being willing to correct and to see and look more deeply into the expression. The face shifted numerous times as it came more clearly into focus. 

If you are attracted to this artwork and the energy flowing from it, claim the power of Intention in your life, as well as the power of Jaguar and Shaman. Call in the Jaguar's power of observation to assist you in recognizing what goes on within and without. This is the first step in being able to shapeshift your life. Become clear in your focus and align with your intention to awaken your heart and your mind. 

Sit with this image and notice what is inspired in you. Notice what you feel and ask for your clear, soulful, heart centered intentions to arise to your consciousness. As you become aware, then you can align with the highest vibrations of this power within yourself, and expand it out into all of your world. 

Many blessings,

Katherine Skaggs