Artist and Author

Katherine Skaggs is a visionary artist, intuitive, author, teacher, spiritual counselor, shamanic practitioner, entrepreneur and painter of souls. As an artist, Katherine acts as a mystic channel to open a doorway to the Divine, so one may experience the beauty, illuminating energy and transformative depth of the Spirit world into one’s own experience… not only visually, but viscerally. 

Each painting opens the energy from the unseen world into the world of matter. The art is not only beautiful, but activating for the soul to recall and reclaim its ancient knowing and wisdom. 

Katherine Skaggs is also the artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, the Pocket-full of Goddesses: a Blessing Oracle, the Pocket Blessing Cards, more than 68 altar cards to date, as well as thousands of soul portraits and spirit guide paintings. 

Life’s experiences tell her that each breath is sacred, to live fully, to choose love in every moment, to aim for happiness and joy no matter what, and to see the divine within all beings. Be curious about how good it can get!